Halford VonBrunsford XIII (Hal)

Abilities – Extremely large and strong individual, uses heavy weaponry for large scale suppression and support, but prefers to get in close while wearing heavy armor to punch and kick in person.

Gear – Several large weapons, and his arm that has several abilities and uses.

Friends –

Valk – Squad mate while he was in the guard, Mentored him and trained him while they work together, he has a tremendous amount of respect for him and is still loyal, although he does take every chance to try and show him up and prove he has gotten as good if not better than his mentor.

  • Sulli – Squad mate while he was in the guard, has a lot of respect for her, as she is a much better shot than him, but he is also very intimidated by her. He is used to dealing with ladies and respectable women, but he doesn’t know how to treet or react to woman that is just as competent and capable as he is in combat and the rough and tumble. Sulli is aware of this and is greatly amused by it, and tends to covertly rub his face in it.
  • Jake – Squad mate while he was in the guard, tends to treat himlike a kid brother, makes jokes about his sword and his lack of relative ability compared to the rest of the squad, but is perfectly aware that Jake has saved their skins as much as anyone with his computer, and even by cutting through locks with his sword. They both like playing video games together in their down time.
  • Parents – He is the second in line to the Von Brunsford shipyard fortune. His parents wanted him to play the game with them, go to parties and socialize and empire build, but he has always fought tooth and nail against doing what they want. He does know how to dress up and act the part, but usually chooses not to. When he lost his arm, his parents paid for him to get a top of the line replacement, thinking he’d give up his foolish military stuff, but instead he tricked them into paying for a military grade replacement that made it even easier for him to work in his chosen trade. He’s been cut off till he comes back to them and does what they want, but he still gets favors from the servants and underlings of their corp, as they all rather like him. His parents still love him, despite all his rebelling.
  • Trevor – The ship AI, they are friendly to eachother, and have a good friendship, as Hal is actually an excellent chess player and is the only one able/willing to play trevor at a challenging game of chess.
  • Guard – Still fiercely proud of the guard and the guards good name, but is livid about how the military treated them after the bombing. He was cleared of all charges after the bombing and the guards dissolvement, and was entered into the regular military, but was discharged shortly thereafter for disrespect and failure to obey orders. Still received an honorable discharge for his long list of honors and because of his family connections.
  • Patrol – Not actually wanted by the Patrol, but is definitely a person of interest to them for more than one case of unexplained explosions and fights they arrived late to, due to his mercenary work after getting out of the military.