Salt Lake Comic- Con Sept 24th – 26th 2015


I am  excited to be able to have a booth at the SLCC. This will be my first time ever doing this and we hope it goes well. I know that it will not go perfectly and I will need to take a note of things that need improvement. I am however thrilled that I have been drawing for 2 years and they accepted my portfolio.

I will be at the booth with my good friend Aaron Wilcox the co writer of the Ryel Chronicles. So come on by if you are there and say hi. I will update you on our location in Artist Alley as soon as I have it.

I have not been so nervous and excited at the same time before. I feel sorry for my son, 9 and wants to emulate his father, who wants to come to the con too and help me with my booth. I don’t think he understands how long and busy it can be. One day he will be at my side at the con’s I attend.

Again come by and check us out.